The Warlock’s Rise (Chainbreaker Chronicles Book 1)

The gods have descended from the heavens and announced a series of Ascension Trials to find those worthy of joining their divine ranks. Gavin accepts their challenge, but amidst deadly obstacles and cutthroat competitors, he is not strong enough. He is eliminated in the first trial… but not before attracting the attention of Luci, the Ascension’s evil protagonist. Luci offers the chance to gain power, the chance to change the system, and the chance to make everything right. Luci makes Gavin a warlock.

But the second trial is not what Gavin expected. Instead of a wholesome video game where people work together to grow stronger, Gavin is thrust into a mess of competing factions. Just beneath the idyllic surface is a nightmare where the weak are subjugated and the cruel are rewarded. Those who do not win are stripped of their humanity and enslaved to serve the whim of the gods.

To survive, Gavin must evade those who would block him from getting stronger, hide his identity as a warlock, and find the key to the second trial. He must grow stronger to end the injustice, only then can he break the chains.

Rosten Gate

Thirteen years ago, the Gate to Hell opened. The Damned ran free and civilization crumbled. There was no army of good, no mythical hero, and no divine intervention. Humanity opened the Gate, only humanity can close it.

Logan has no intention of saving the world. Consumed by crippling guilt, he cares about little more than his endless quest for revenge. He travels the countryside slaying monsters in search of an elusive redemption, one kill at a time.

When Logan collides with Vera, she and her inexplicable faith suck him into a quest to close the Gate. Logan and Vera must find the keys to the Gate and defeat the organization working to keep the Gate open. The might of Hell is not so easily quelled and only by overcoming his past can Logan hope to find redemption.


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